Winter Camp

Unlock the Magic of Winter Fun and Learning

Fun & engaging winter camp for children at Odyssey
  • 3 weeks of winter wonderland explorations
  • Open for children until 6 years old
11-29 December 2023

 Abu Dhabi - 02 667 3881 | 800LADYBIRD

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Ladybird Nursery Abu Dhabi is conveniently located in Al Bateen near the Abu Dhabi Co-Operative Society Supermarket off 26th Street, and is a popular choice for children's nursery for families living in the souranding areas. The nursery school is situated in a single storey villa designed as an early childhood education centre. For more details of our location, please click here.

8 Spacious Classrooms

All of our classrooms here at Ladybird Nursery Abu Dhabi are bright, spacious, well ordered and beautiful. The classroom furniture is child-sized and can be moved by the children alone, with friends promoting independence, and care of their environment. We aim to use only natural materials in the classrooms, which have been proven to aid brain development.

All of the classrooms are equipped with Montessori materials covering all the areas of learning and using natural materials. The materials are beautifully designed and well organised which not only promotes appreciation of beauty but the children absorb the sense of order and beauty which becomes part of their personality and inner order.

Class sizes have a low adult-child ratio, which allows for individual attention.

Soft Play

As a nursery in Abu Dhabi for babies, our Soft Play is a great space for all the children to experiment with movement and dance. The children also do Yoga, dance, and play music in the Soft Play Room.  It is especially popular with our youngest room where they can practice their developing physical skills in a safe space.

Arts Room

Our Arts Room is a place where the children aged 2 years and up come in small groups for project work and process art. They also do science experiments in this room and make lovely biscuits and cakes in baking. It is great for them to be able to see the process of baking from beginning to the lovely end of this room.

Outdoor Play

Our outdoor play area is a great space for the children to explore and express their physical needs. All of the outdoor areas are shaded allowing the children to use it most of the year.

The front garden is a great open space that is used for sports, splash play, events and a variety of different games and free play where the children can invent their own activities.

The back garden has different sections including a trike and bike path where the children can use the different trikes to manoeuvre around. The large sandpit is a great creative space for building and pouring and the children love to spend time creating wonderful games with their friends here. The wooden climbing tree house and swing is of course very popular and we have a planting area where children take turns to plant and nurture their own produce.

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Tel No.: 02 667 3881