Winter Camp

Unlock the Magic of Winter Fun and Learning

Fun & engaging winter camp for children at Odyssey
  • 3 weeks of winter wonderland explorations
  • Open for children until 6 years old
11-29 December 2023

 Abu Dhabi - 02 667 3881 | 800LADYBIRD

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Ladybird Nursery is a well established and one of the oldest nurseries in Abu Dhabi. It is situated in the heart of the city for 15 years and has maintained a homely and welcoming learning environment throughout this time. Ladybird incorporates the best of the British system (EYFS) and the Montessori principles and method. In the best British tradition, Ladybird is ready to incorporate new practice and research in the early years into our existing program. We promote independence from our very youngest rooms and assist the children on the natural journey of learning.

Curriculum Areas of Learning

Our curriculum and materials incorporate the EYFS and Montessori areas of learning. The first three are essential to all of the children’s learning and are developed in all other areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication & Language development

The other more specific areas cover all the foundations of learning, refining of the senses, development of life skills and the academic areas.

  • Practical Life activities
  • Sensorial Activities
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Understanding the World (includes all the sciences)
  • Art

The children are taken through concrete activities that develop skills in each of the specific areas above. Practical Life contains preparation for math, language and the sciences as the children refine their fine motor skills learn mathematics in practice and terminology through the material and build up vocabulary. The Sensorial activities help the children refine the 5 senses and again incorporate math, language and science preparation as the children learn to estimate and grade, weigh and compare and learn new mathematical terms.

Individual Lesson Planning and recording

In the early years, it is essential to observe the children as individuals and it is only through knowing the child’s interests and way of learning that we can see them as unique little scientists and give them the right tools and means to develop. It is for this reason that we lead with observation and plan according to the individual child’s need, interests and according to their individual pace.

Individual and Small Group Work

Our teachers sit with the children one to one and in small groups. This allows the teacher to concentrate on the individual child and allows the children to really contribute and develop at their own pace and truly express their interests.


We encourage independence from the very earliest age. It is only through independence that a child can learn to their fullest. We know that what the hand does the brain learns and it is through independently repeating an activity alone without assistance that the brain develops and the child gains confidence.

Progressive skills

Our curriculum allows the children to move through a progressively complex series of activities in all their areas of learning. The child may start by using pegs and doing jigsaws, which lead to using tongs and finally tweezers as their fine motor skills advance. When they start to write we find that their pincer grip has developed and holding the pencil is as easy as if they were born doing it. This approach is followed in all learning


“Every child is an artist until someone tells him he’s not...” J.Lennon
We love the children to experiment with different media and our Arts, Science and Baking activities allows them to explore many forms of artistic expression. We concentrate on project work and process art in this area of learning. Using a process art approach, the teacher places the activity in front of the child and demonstrates how it may be used but allows the child to work creatively. Children need to see the best model of any activity but they need time to experiment and this is true in all areas of learning including art. Our art shelf in the classroom aids the children in the development of skills in arts such as gluing, painting and clay work. Both the progressive art shelf and the free artistic expression of process art complement one another beautifully.


We follow an "inside-out” approach to discipline where our teachers and assistants present the best character and example for the children to absorb. We also see discipline as a natural process where children learn how to develop their will gradually by being given purposeful activities that naturally give limits within which to work. It’s a tried and tested method, really allows the child to use their will, and naturally leads to learning how to control it.

Love & Respect

From our administration, assistants, nurse and teachers we are committed to an environment of love and respect for the children, one another and the environment. We teach the children to respect one another by modelling the best behaviour and encourage them to look after one another and their classrooms. The children tidy away their own work and we have incorporated group and individual activities to demonstrate how to share and care for themselves and each other.

Health and safety:

An integral part of the service we provide is to ensure that the highest standards of health, safety, and hygiene are maintained. Our health and safety record is monitored via pro-active measures; we undertake risk assessments, make routine regular inspections, and ensure all our staff members take updated First Aid training. We also review our policies and procedures regularly. At Ladybird Nursery School in Abu Dhabi, we encourage children to share toys, books, songs, stories and, most importantly, laughter. Unfortunately, children sometimes share germs, too. That is why we use a surface protectant that inhibits germs, keeping all of the surfaces your child may touch, clean and safe. A unique water-based, non-toxic product eliminates cross-contamination by adhering to surfaces and continuing to reduce bacterial counts over weeks. In addition, we clean all areas, which have antibacterial, antifungal, and virus-fighting properties.

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