Winter Camp

Unlock the Magic of Winter Fun and Learning

Fun & engaging winter camp for children at Odyssey
  • 3 weeks of winter wonderland explorations
  • Open for children until 6 years old
11-29 December 2023

 Abu Dhabi - 02 667 3881 | 800LADYBIRD

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Who we are

Our Philosophy

Ladybird Nursery follows the Montessori approach to child development, which has at its heart the respect and love for every child and their innate need to develop. We believe that children are born to learn and can be independent of an early age given the right opportunities and choices. We give children a choice but also give clear limits to work within which broadly incorporate respect for themselves, others and the environment. We believe that a child’s early journey is affected by everything around them including the significant people in their lives and only when home and nursery life follow the same path, children can flourish. We, therefore, work in partnership with our parents to ensure a consistent approach with all our children.


We offer a well-ordered and beautiful environment (nursery) in which the children can choose from all seven learning areas of the curriculum. We follow the interests and pace of the child and allow them the space to develop in their own unique way. We plan for each and every child individually and keep an individual record card to mark progress and aid weekly planning. All of the activities are presented individually or in small groups so that we ensure the development of all our children.


We pride ourselves on being a nursery with qualified teachers that strongly follow the Montessori philosophy and method along with the British curriculum. As we are a British Kindergarten in Abu Dhabi, we occupy our nursery with native British teachers. They are fluent English speakers and are the best role models for the children to emulate. Our teachers and assistants are a dedicated group who have been chosen for their love and respect for children and we work together as a supportive team to create a warm learning environment for everyone who spends time with us at our nursery.

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Tel No.: 02 667 3881