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Unleash your children’s curious minds, let them experience the real world through exciting role-play, fostering their emotional intelligence, creativity and problem solving skills within a stimulating and inspiring environment.

Preparing the achievers of tomorrow with a child-centered Montessori education.
4th July to 31st August 2022

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Ladybird Nursery Goes Around the World in 45 Days

Sunday, July 4, 2021
Have you and your children missed traveling? Come and experience an array of customs, traditions and international foods as we travel the world together during our immersive summer camp.

Ladybird Nurseries are going Around the World in 45 days. Children will explore different cultures, traditions and customs through a variety of engaging crafts and activities. Everyday, there will be specially designed activities focused on a particular country.

Children will model macaroons, bake croissants, build an Eiffel Tower and dance to French music. They will then travel to Japan where they will learn about the beautiful cherry blossoms, make Japanese lanterns and experiment with an erupting Mount Fuji volcano.

These Montessori based activities allow children to strengthen fine motor skills, math, science, language all while having fun!

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