Winter Camp

Unlock the Magic of Winter Fun and Learning

Fun & engaging winter camp for children at Odyssey
  • 3 weeks of winter wonderland explorations
  • Open for children until 6 years old
11-29 December 2023

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Discovery Garden Spring Course

Seeds blossom into a garden of learning at Ladybird Nursery’s Discovery Garden Spring Camp from March 28 to April 8. Using the beauty of nature to create various activities and deepen learning, children will be actively engaged everyday.

Activities have been created to stimulate the senses and keep children’s curiosity peaked. The outdoor area will be used as often as possible, giving children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the garden theme of camp. They will plant different seeds, whilst learning about the life cycles of plants. Guided discussions about related topics such as nutrition, people’s relationships with plants and the importance of caring for our planet will enhance learning on many levels.

Children will go on a scavenger hunt outside and use natural items such as leaves and pebbles for various arts and crafts activities which builds fine motor skills, coordination and creativity. They might paint using the leaves, make garden art from found objects or practice numeracy by painting numbers on pebbles and putting them in a sequence.

Everyday skills such as food preparation support independence and self confidence. Children will use fresh fruits to make their own healthy snacks which will be in keeping with the garden theme. For example, they can arrange fresh fruits in the shape of a flower or tree. Adding this fun element to snacktime can also encourage picky eaters to break out of their comfort zone and try something new!

Science experiments and numeracy skills will be practiced through a myriad of exciting activities. For example, children will use sand, water and rocks to learn about our natural environment and show how plants are able to grow and survive. They will also use pine cones and bird seed to make bird feeders. Throughout the camp, children will observe the feeders to count how many birds used them.

There are so many changes for messy sensory play with mud kitchens, building gardens, pruning flowers, sensory boxes and insect jelly. Another fun multisensory activity is perfume making, using elements from the garden such as flower petals and herbs. Having time in a splash pad outside will give them a chance to rinse off and will also provide endless fun.

With flexible timings from 8am to 1pm, 3pm or 5pm Discovery Gardens Spring Camp caters to an array of busy family schedules. Plus there is an additional option of freshly prepared meals which cater specifically to the nutritional needs of children.
To ensure children have a safe and stimulating environment for learning, Ladybird Nursery follows strict hygiene and cleaning procedures.

There is never a dill moment at Discovery Gardens Spring camp, so don’t waste any more thyme and call 800 LADYBIRD now to join the fun!

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